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How to Protect Your Door from Dog Scratches

 It happens. Dogs scratch on doors to communicate with us. Our fur babies scratch on the door to tell us when they want to come in or go outside. They do it when they get separation anxiety because we left. They get so excited when they hear us walking up to the door & they can't help them selves.  The reality is that our pets would use words if they could, but they can't. Our pets are so sweet, we all know they wouldn't scratch the door if they understood why we don't like it.  Since they depend on us & don't know any better way to communicate their needs, it's on us as their providers to come up with a solution. Sure, you can train them not to scratch the door, but most of us wouldn't know where to start & just don't have the time. That's why we invented, engineered, & patented the best solution on the market. Introducing the NEW Dog Scratch Door Protection Plate, by Deck the Door Decor. Dog scratch door protection plates  are pat

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